Your Dreams – And Why They Relate to Rabbit Food

This is my favorite picture. You’ve got to like a picture an awful lot for it to be the favorite of the thousands taken over the years.   It actually sits on my vanity so I can see it every morning when I get ready and after all these years, it still starts my day with a laugh.

What do  you  see when you look at this picture?

Most would say, “I see an overjoyed kid on Christmas Day, wait… is that rabbit food in her hand?”

Why yes, it certainly is.

This is the 2-year-old version of my sister Laura.   Every Christmas Eve my mom would line us up in front of our stockings to recite our wish list to Santa while my dad eagerly videotaped our every move.   This particular Christmas, Laura pretty much revised her entire wish list right before the camera started rolling.   Her new heart’s desire and main requested item from Santa was now…a rabbit.

When you watch the home video, you see my dad pan over to my mom, who’s smile has turned to a panic-stricken daze.

“You mean you don’t want a Miss Magic Hair? Those are sooo pretty!” mom says as she unsuccessfully attempts to sway Laura’s thinking.

You then listen to Laura incoherently ramble in 2-year-old language about how much she is looking forward to playing with that rabbit. She goes on and on…and on some more.

“Well, I’m afraid Santa has already left for the night and may not know you changed your mind,” warns mom, which also didn’t phase Laura one bit.

Now picture this:   It’s Christmas morning.   The tree is lit and surrounded by presents galore and dad is on his A-game with the video camera.   I automatically dig into the first pile of toys I see.   Laura on the other hand, seems to be surveying the scene.

She walks around the tree twice.   The second time, she lifts presents up to look under them.   She looks behind the TV, goes into the kitchen, then out to the patio, and back into the living room.   Dad once again pans over to mom, who looks like she is about to cry.

Then you hear a scream only a truly ecstatic kid could make.

“RABBIT FOOD!” Laura shrieks.

This picture captures true euphoria – over rabbit food.

She knew she wasn’t getting a rabbit that Christmas, but the fact that she got  rabbit food  told her that she was going to get one at some point.

We all have things we desire: A new job, house, romance, deal of a lifetime, better friends or health – you name it. When you really think about what you’re longing for the most, is it plain out of reach or do you already have your “rabbit food” and just need to wait it out?

Think about it.

Kat Cowley
Author of Week to Strong

(Special Note: Laura did, in fact, receive a rabbit from the Easter Bunny. Two-year-old Laura dubbed him, “Bunny Hopper” and that was seriously the poor animal’s name.   Bunny Hopper went on to father a nation of rabbits in a rural farm after being banned by my dad after several digging episodes in his yard.)


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