You Can Catch More Flies With Sugar than Sh!t – By Michelle Johnson

With social media at our fingertips, it’s so easy to share our lives, opinions, inspirations, rants and raves. It’s so amazing that we can be at the beach with our family and instantly share the photos and feelings associated with it with friends and family around the world! I choose to use social media for these types of things as well as sharing funny things and lots of thought provoking inspiration. Others choose to use it as a platform to voice their opinions…

For me, when I’m scrolling down my Facebook feed and see rants about political parties, bashing of any sort, condescending attitudes towards others and general negative complaining, I just ignore and keep scrolling. I refuse to be drawn out of my little bubble of peace and happiness to consider any of the negativity because I stand in what I believe as my truth. If I am on the fence about an issue, I will then search out the information, ask those I respect for their opinions, process it all and form my decision accordingly.

I believe it is important to realize that for every person bashing something, there is a person on the other side of the issue bashing them as well, and with just as much passion and vigor! How many times have you changed your opinion of something from reading a hateful and negative perspective? If someone approached you as an ignorant person and wanted to inform you of their opinion would you listen? How much fun is it to be around someone that is always complaining, speaking negatively or hatefully about others? I find people like these energetically draining.

Of course I absolutely want everyone to have their own opinions! However, if you want someone to listen to you, to hear your plea, perhaps doing so from a positive position would engage others to listen. We would much rather hear about the things that make you happy and inspire you than what you abhor. People are generally more receptive to positive media than negative because it gives them a ‘feel good’ feeling. For instance if I personally love goat cheese and I see a post somewhere from a ‘friend’ saying “Goat cheese is the most disgusting thing ever and anyone who eats it is repulsive! Ice cream is WAY better and only those as smart as I am eat it!” In reading this, I feel wrongfully and personally attacked, and in turn don’t have a very warm and fuzzy feeling towards my friend. I would much rather read a statement like, “I LOVE ice cream, it is the best way to end my day!” Now THAT, makes me smile! I may not even like ice cream, but the thought of my friend eating ice cream and feeling great makes me feel great too! Even if what you love is something I don’t like, I can look at it as an agree to disagree moment and no harm is done. I will always respect others opinions and understand that if they want my opinion they will ask and that I don’t need to force it on anyone.

When we promote what we love, we are coming from a heart-centered space and that is the place to dwell! It must be emotionally exhausting to constantly be angry about things. For health reasons alone it makes sense to keep negativity to a minimum! We all get bothered by things from time to time and it’s comforting when you find someone that can relate. I’m inviting others to watch their words, notice how many negative words come out vs positive. Just by making an adjustment to speaking positively of not only others but yourself too, can make a huge difference in how your day goes!

There will always be those that love to debate and collectively voice their disdain for things in which case, I’d encourage them to form a group for like-minded individuals where they can share their rants and avoid potentially offending people that they don’t take issue with. Ultimately we all have choices to make from our political alignment and religion, to what’s for dinner tonight! God did not call us to only love ice cream and not goat cheese! The underlying message of all faiths is to love one another (no exceptions)!