Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Sharing words of wisdom and love

As we journey through life we gain insights and knowledge that we are able to convert into beautiful words of wisdom. We experience everything from joy to pain, face and overcome challenges, succeed, fail, and transform. Throughout each twist and turn we learn lessons that allow us to move forward with greater knowledge and understanding, adventuring through the awesomeness of life stronger and a little bit wiser.

As a parent, I am sure many of you can relate with the intense desire to want to share these well-earned words of wisdom with our beautiful children. To somehow teach them all the lessons we have learned in order to protect them from going through the same pain and hardships that we may have had to face. We have been there before and it can simply be heart wrenching to watch someone that we love so dearly struggle. Especially when we know in our hearts we have guidance to offer to them that will save them from the pain.

But will it? Can we be sure the lessons we learned and the words of wisdom that we have gathered will actually save them from struggle and suffering? Their experiences, no matter how closely related to ours, are not ours. Even if they seem identical, the truth of the matter is that they simply are not, they can’t be. Our children are their own unique individuals, experiencing the journey through life in a completely different way than we have and are. They have different points of view and beliefs, view themselves differently than we view ourselves, and understand their world in a way that we simply can-not. As much as we may truly believe what we say should be a key factor in the decisions they make, it is important that we understand that what is wise to us might not sound wise to them.

Our words of wisdom quite simply might not be what they need.

I think that the best we can do is share our wisdom with them when they are willing to listen and let them know that we respect their point of view, as well as their need to venture through life learning their own lessons and wisdom. Allowing them to make mistakes, even mistakes that are identical to ours, without coming down on them for doing so. We can translate our intense love for them by allowing them the opportunity to gather their own unique words of wisdom throughout their adventure through life.