Whose Energy is it Anyway? – By Jennifer Laurent

Most of you probably noticed a common theme among the LTTH writers a few weeks back of feeling uninspired to write, experiencing a lack of creativity, and existing in a space Haley eloquently defined as The Void. Like these ladies, I too was experiencing the exact same thing and found it interesting that we somehow all seemed to be having a similar experience. It got me thinking about energy; how much of our energy is truly ours and how much of it do we absorb from others.

I was waiting for a very good friend to come over one day, excited for her arrival. When she arrived, I immediately felt this overwhelming sense of anxiety. I quickly began to question where this feeling could be coming from. Was there something unresolved between us? Had I invited her over when I really wanted to be alone? Was I in a negative space and somehow overlooked it? I struggled to figure it out while I took deep breaths and focused on centering and getting back into my body.

During the first fifteen minutes or so of our visit, I could feel that something was off. I continued to assume that it was me. As we got caught up on our lives, my girlfriend disclosed that she was feeling really anxious and overwhelmed since early this morning. There were a few things going on in her life that had her off center and she couldn’t seem to find her way to calm. Instantly I realized that I had not only absorbed her energy, but had also taken ownership of it as well. Had she not disclosed her feelings to me, I most likely would have continued down the path of thinking something was wrong with me. And who knows where that would have led me.

A couple of days later I happened to read a quote somewhere that said something about the universe needs us to send out our own vibration, rather than absorb the vibration of others. This resonated with me and completely changed the way in which I show up in the world each day. I was able to see the way in which I had been allowing myself to not only feel others around me, but to let their feelings, their energy, become my own. As I became clear about my own feelings, I was able to then embody my own energetic vibration and put it out into the world.

I wonder how many of you experience this same thing? How many times have you taken on someone else’s energy and assumed it was your own? I think that many of us are highly attuned to the beings around us and without even realizing it, pick up energy and emotion, embodying it and taking ownership of it. I challenge you all to pay attention to this process. If even for a week, make a conscious effort to check in with yourself and the way you are feeling. Be conscious of shifts in those feelings and track where those shifts may be coming from. A good deal of the time, I am guessing they aren’t from you.

For us to be effective helpers in the universe around us, the ability to feel other people is a gift. Being able to pick up on energy and emotion allows us to be empathetic and serve those in need. Whether it is a friend struggling silently or a stranger who needs a helping hand, our ability to decipher what is truly ours versus what we are absorbing from another increases our ability to be present for others. Once I was able to separate my own energy from my girlfriends, I was able to be present for her, rather than being lost in my own head.

And so I am grateful to my friend for her honesty and willingness to be vulnerable as it was a gift of insight into my own being and a source of inspiration to those who will read this post. The universe needs us all to put forth our own energetic vibration and to be the light we have been created to be.