When You Don’t Listen To The Universe, It Smacks You In The Head – By Marney Reid

Good morning LTTH readers.  This post comes to you as the scar from my “run in” with the door to one of my cupboards is fading.  While the tone of this post is mostly humorous, the point I’m trying to make is that: the Universe will send you signs about what you need to be (or not be) doing, and when you don’t listen…those subtle signs will start coming in physical form.

I am, by nature, NOT a clumsy person.  It’s true that I am very high energy and I move quickly and suddenly (not in the operating room of course), but in general I don’t bump into things often.  Over the past few weeks the Universe has been giving me signs about fixing something in my personal life that I needed to address.  I recognized what it was weeks ago, but had refused to do anything about it.  I think the Universe finally got annoyed and so one morning, I woke up, and hit my head on random things THREE times in ONE day.  I can’t even remember the last time (before last week) I hit my head, and then I suddenly do it THREE TIMES?

The first was as I was putting glasses away in my cupboard, the second was a few hours after that when I was at work, the last was in the shower at night.  I finally looked up (sudsy and wet) and said: “OK already!! I get it! I need to be more mindful and address the situation….I’ll do it this week I promise…now please stop trying to main me!!!”  Luckily I don’t live with anyone so no one came racing into my bathroom with 9-1-1 dialed up.

I dealt with the situation that week, and haven’t run into anything since.  Whether you believe in a God, or a higher being of some sort, or the cosmic energy some refer to as “the Universe” that guides you and watches over you, there are always signs that pop up when you need to address something.  Sometimes they will be in the form of meeting someone that changes your current direction or decisions.  Other times they will be in the form of a rare opportunity that presents itself and helps you get to that goal you have set.  Other times, it’s in messages about a situation you have found yourself in that is doing you more harm than good, and you need to extricate yourself gracefully from it.

If you get anything from this post (besides the fact that I yell at my ceiling on occasion) it’s “be mindful of the things you are NOT doing, that you should be doing in order to maintain your physical and emotional health.”  There is only one person in this world that is going to ensure your health and happiness and that is you, be kind to yourself, mindful of the “signs,” and if you decide to ignore them, then avoid cupboards, shelves, and bending over near any inanimate objects.