What’s Your Happiness Worth? – By Marney Reid

Good morning LiveThroughTheHeart readers. It seems like the past few months of my life have been filled with soul searching. Not on a personal level so much, but more on a professional one. I have always lived with the mentality that there is no point in complaining about something, if you’re not willing to change it. I also think that there are times when the Universe (or whatever entity) you believe in, will make a decision for you when you’ve been vacillating too long.

You know that feeling you get, when you know you need to make a change, but you are just SO COMFOTABLE where you are? Yes, you’re unhappy, yes you know there HAS to be something better out there, and you’ve exhausted all ability to make your current situation better, yet you still don’t make that change. We have all been there, whether in a work or personal relationship. It seems that we move through life in a haze of indifference, until the Universe delivers a sharp slap upside the head. I know I had mine a few weeks ago.

Sometimes it’s the Universe that gives you one last chance to make it yourself, and sometimes it forces you into circumstances where you have to make that change. I think most of us panic when placed in these situations. But the best thing to remember is, “what is your happiness worth?” Sure the unknown is scary. I agree that making a change to your “unhappy yet comfortable” existence is a daunting task…but when your happiness is being sacrificed the longer you remain in your current position…isn’t it worth taking a good hard look at what variables you could change?

I’m not saying make a rash decision, and have a good old fashioned Jerry McGuire freak out scene in the middle of your office, grab a fishbowl and start yelling  “who’s coming with me?!” But when you find yourself walking around in what I call an “existentialist crisis,” stop and ask yourself what you could do to make positive changes towards a better situation…whether it’s personal or professional. We have one life to live it to the fullest and we are the only ones in charge of our happiness.

So how about you? What positive changes could you be making that would benefit your happiness, and help you create the life you deserve to live?