What is Strength?

It is well known that our greatest strength can also be our greatest weakness.  It’s funny that my greatest strength seems to have actually been my strength, and this strength has been my greatest weakness.  I have learned throughout my life to be a very strong woman.  I have learned to fight my way through anything and everything and never let anything knock me down. I have faced many challenges and obstacles and have found a way to continue to survive and thrive.

Recently I found myself facing huge challenges and hardships that threatened to overwhelm me.  It felt that as soon as I would fight my way past one challenge I would be immediately faced with another.  There finally came a moment in which I felt I could no longer fight and be strong. I found myself alone, crying, and questioning all the reasons I was in the space I was in.  I truly felt that the universe had knocked me down and I couldn’t understand why.

In this space, I made a decision to embrace where I was. Instead of relying on my strength and fighting my way through I  stayed with the pain, loneliness, and confusion I was feeling.  As I did this, I opened myself to whatever the universe had to offer me and found that I was listening and allowing my heart to be heard.  I was suddenly able to see the many lessons and messages that my strength had actually been preventing me from seeing.

See, I had in fact finally been knocked down.  The universe had been providing opportunities for me to stop being so strong and to give up fighting.  As I had ignored these opportunities and missed the lessons I needed to learn, the universe communicated louder and more extreme until I finally fell to my knees and listened.  This strength that I relied so heavily upon was actually working against me and preventing me from connecting with my truth.  Because I was so strong the universe had to scream very loudly!

I sit in gratitude now soaking in the lessons the universe has been offering to me. I watch as the components of my life fall into place and my perspective of the challenges I have faced is altered.  I understand now that true strength does not always mean being strong and fighting my way through challenges, rather it means the ability to be strong enough to find ways to be open and simply allow.  Allowing the universe to exist within me and through me, allowing my heart to be heard.