What Are You Putting Off Until Later?

I read an article a while ago, “101 things to do before we die, just one to go and we’re not even 30”. It caught my eye. I like stories like this.

Two friends had made a list of challenges they promised to achieve over a lifetime. In the doing of them, they got so inspired that they have completed all of them except one. This list included joining a football team, skydiving, going in a wind tunnel, training as a life guard, working on an organic bee farm, working on a conservation project, and the list goes on and on. One of the most intriguing ones was saying yes to everything for a month. I wonder how that worked out?

As of one of the girls said, “There is nothing worse than regret. Sam and I swore we would make the most out of every minute of our lives. Once we have completed this list, we will start on our second 101 things to do”.

A couple of thoughts stand out for me in this story. These girls are obviously passionate about living life to the full and nothing has stopped them. They are not rich. They work like most of us, and yet they have been creative enough to find the time and the finances to live their dreams. A lot of the time they managed to swap, barter or volunteer their way forward. They stayed focused on what they wanted to do. They made it happen, and they didn’t let anyone tell them that it was not possible.

The other thought that stood out for me was that this list was for a lifetime, and yet, at 30, they have done it all. Once you get going on a project, the momentum often helps move things along. As you achieve the milestones along the way, you begin to believe that it is very possible to do what you want. That belief is a key ingredient in any goal.

One of the things that we do in the Passion Test is to ask people to create markers – evidence that they are living their passions – so that as they actually live them, they can tick off the passion in their minds. This acts as a reminder that things that they had no idea how they were going to achieve are actually achievable. Often, earlier than they thought.

Reading this made me ask myself, Why am I putting off things until later? What could I be doing now? Yesterday, I found myself telling someone about my dream holiday to go to Montana and do the cattle drive down to the winter pastures. Today, I will look into that. Now.

How about you? What have you been putting off? What are you telling yourself is not possible? This may be work related, like going for that big opportunity even if it has come a little earlier than you wished for. Or it could be the holiday you have been promising yourself for the past ten years but never quite found the time. Make your list, but, like these two inspiring women, don’t wait! If they can do 101 things by the time they are 30, you have no excuse!