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OFFER #1 from Stacy McCarthy – Yoga Nama Stacy

The Practice of Loving Kindness meditation card and video for moms from
the creator of Busy Mom Yoga and other great yoga videos.


OFFER #2 from Christine Callahan-Oke – Brighter Side of Parenting

A beautiful album of inspirational pictures, verses, and observations from the creator of the Brighter Side of Parenting and the Brighter Side of Life blogs.


OFFER #3 from Debora Wayne – Debora’s Reconnective Healing

Recording of a radio interview with Debora Wayne, healer, Reconnection therapist, and artist. Learn how to use your own energy to heal.


OFFER #4 from Laura Orsini – 1,001 Real-Life Questions for Women

Sampler of 25 questions from this self-development workbook with questions for 21st-century women. Questions include:
#248 If you have siblings, was there ever a rivalry problem between you? Over any issue in particular? Do you feel your parents noticeably favored one child over the other(s)? Do your children have rivalry issues? Do you ever favor one child over the other(s)? Do you think rivalry is worse between same-sex siblings? How so?

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