Unbreakability: An Art

Credit: Eva Creel

What is so broken about me that I cannot get anyone to see anything worth loving in me?

Why do I keep on attracting unemotional men?

Why am I not happy in spite of having an amazing life?

I used to mull over those questions and the inadequacy of my existence when I overtly tried to be strong on the outside while I was so weak on the inside.

Anything and everything could chip away at my heart and would plunge me into more self-sabotaging, emotionally barbaric cycles of closing in on my power, withdrawing from my spiritual practice of faking-it-until-you-make-it confidence mastery.

A confident woman would walk by, and although I would try to ignore her poise, I would surely admire her once she passed me, with my gut flinching a little, recalling the acne on my back and my imperfect teeth.

My semi-boyfriend from the year prior would display all sorts of bliss on his social media with his new girlfriend and that would lead me to an abyss darker than Dante’s Hell. (Hello, stalker me.)

I broke a little bit every day. Struggling against the current of the Universal love that desired to flow within me but my external walls would deflect the flow of divine power inherent to my divine birthright. I claimed to be externally strong so that the world would not see the weakness of my internal structure.

Oh, did I misunderstand the authentic infrastructure of CORE STRENGTH.

I reversed my inverted dichotomy of strength and began to build strength within so that I could be unconditionally loving and vivaciously open to LIFE. I erected an inner temple of inner peace and divine trust to avert the external world from depleting my power and my unconditional gratitude.

It is a daily commitment to fortify our internal unbreakability but it is a blessing that keeps on giving, keeps on flying me to new heights of miracles. It is an alchemical foundation of fearless surrender, thought mastery, spiritual expansion.

Unbreakability makes us fully present for the experience of living. It is the ultimate power that takes us from littleness to infinite magnitude.

Below are three steps that I consistently practice to build my core strength, so that I can show up in my life with a fearless and invincible vibe.


Recall that only our thoughts about a specific situation can take us into a headlock of pain and disappointment. We build resilience when we consciously create space between our thought about a given circumstance that causes pain and the situation itself. There is nothing that can take away our peace permanently unless we allow it to do so via the relinquishing of our positive, faithful thoughts. Our resiliency muscles are directly tied to our ability to surrender to the present moment. When something is taken away from you, it is to clear space for something far better to arrive. What we resist will persist, and what we surrender gets stronger. Resilience is not defined by anything that occurs externally.  It solely depends on your willingness to depart from your association with external denouements, in favor of a peaceful space in between.

Distance your personal perception from external events and you will begin to react less and trust more.


Trusting in the higher order of Universal wisdom is a major component of spiritual stamina. The perfect plan for your own self-actualization is already scripted in the Universe and it is readily available for you to download at any given time that you choose to open your heart for its guidance. The Universe is already set up to bring to you the next best moment that will lead you closer to the realization of your highest potential. Any setback is a blessing in disguise that is re-routing you to the divinely designed outcome, that you cannot see with your physical sight, but you can trust in that power, far wiser than your own mind. When I trust that my current experience is part of the perfect plan for me, I can soften my defenses and reconnect to my internal teacher.

The modern spiritual text A Course in Miracles teaches that “chance plays no part” in the plan of the Universe. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be right now.

When we struggle to manipulate the Universe, its perfect guidance cannot flow through us and we reinforce the illusion that we are alone and powerless.


When we choose to view everything through the eyes of love, our vision begins to change and we become empowered with a perspective that is beyond the realms of our conscious mind. What we choose to perceive, we will behold. If we choose to perceive drama and lack, the Universe will reflect those experiences back and we will retreat further in fear. If we choose to perceive love and a certainty of purpose in a situation, the Universe will reflect the love that we project. Aligning our perception with love is a 24/7 practice but it has transformed my ability to transcend my wounds in order to bring forth an empowered state of mind.

Every apparent trial is but a lesson presented once again to build your inner temple of strength. When you keep your heart open to the lesson of a situation,  the flow of love enlivens your confidence and dissipates the illusory fears that remain.


Within you exists the faculty to recall your personal power, your unshakable confidence, your inner peace. You are not at the effect of the external world but at the mercy of your own spiritual practice. Every day spent in trust, surrender, and love, will build up your attitudinal muscles and bring forth the emerging light that it desperately needs amidst the perpetual neurosis of the human drama.

The more we shatter our ego and our fearful self, the more we allow our divine self to come through.

That, my beloveds, is unbreakability.