Today I Met A Child

inner child, connection

Today I met a child, a beautiful, thoughtful, energetic, feisty, and caring child with a huge sensitive heart. She was very happy to see me and welcomed me with wide open arms. She smiled and giggled, the sound resonating within my heart. I looked into her eyes and could see her courage and strength radiating through. Today I met a child, and that child is me.

My journey through self-exploration has brought me to experience many beautiful encounters with this unique little girl I long ago was. Throughout my life and growing up, I had somehow grown away from her too. I had experienced hurts that had made my heart more rigid, criticisms that had made me less feisty, and responsibilities that had made me less energetic. I had lost site of her, me, this pure and free spirit that I once was.

Yet still am. Life had been lived and she had waited patiently for my return. Ready to greet me and guide me back home, to me, to the person I truly have always intended to be. No questions asked, no judgments, no anger for being left behind. We have learned and we have grown and can now journey forward hand in hand.