Tis the Season to be…. Rushing?

I love Christmas, always have.  I have very fond memories of Christmas from when I was a child.  Glittering lights, Christmas music, decorating the tree with my mom, the anticipation of Santa, sparkling snow, a feeling of magic, appreciation for the little things and a sense of togetherness.

Though I still enjoy those things, they’re somehow tempered by a sense of holiday chaos – and general fatigue – that I don’t recall from when I was younger.  Maybe it’s because I was oblivious to any holiday stress back then.  Or because I now have young children and strive a little too hard to make Christmas special for them.  Maybe it’s because Christmas seems to be getting more and more commercial.

It’s so easy to lose that sense of Christmas magic, and the joy of the little moments, in the exhaustion of pushing and pushing to get to – and through – the holidays.

So this is where I remind myself – and you, if it helps, to…

Slow down.



Remember what’s really important to you.

Remember who’s really important to you.

Spend more time focusing on those things.

Spend a little less time shopping, wrapping, rushing, driving, striving to make things “just right.”

Look at the excitement in a child’s eyes.  (There’s such magic there)!

Reach out and help someone who can really use it –  this is actually one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

Most of all, let love in.  Let it settle in your heart and remind you that that is what this season is all about: LOVE.

May your holidays be filled with beautiful moments that you remember for years to come.

With much love,


P.S. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or a bit blue, know that you can reconnect with joy.  My free guide, 5 Keys to a Joy-filled Life, can help. Find out more here.