Things to Remember My Sweet: Thoughts about life as told to my daughter from her mom – By Susan Leahy


I wrote this poem for my daughter on 7/23/12.  It was just something that I wanted her heart to hear. It is something that I hope all little & big hearts can hear. Enjoy!!!



Life is a fun place

Let yourself play

When you find yourself hiding do everything you can to step in front of your fear

If you do I promise you will find out that you will be more then ok

This is your life to live

Find what gives you joy and then move towards it

Know that joy is a daily experience not just something to be saved up for when you cross the finish line

You are enough just because you are

A simple smile can be the start of changing your attitude

Choose to be positive

It’s worth it

Have fun with yourself and with the relationships in your life

People like to have fun

You are energy and love

No one on this planet can rob you of your joy

Because they didn’t’ give it to you

Life is suppose to feel good

Yes there are bumps, but even the bumps can be thrilling

Enjoy yourself

And don’t forget to keep looking

For you are never going to be done growing

Thank you for being my daughter