The Universe Holds No Limits

I am basking in the ease of life as I am led along this beautiful path I find myself on. For so long I felt the struggle and difficulty in life, the push and pull, questioning where I was and who I was, everything always seeming so difficult. Knowing in my heart that something was wrong, but not knowing what it was or where I was to find what was right. I sought out happiness and found myself using a great deal of energy and time to achieve it. Overall it felt like so much work, so much effort and strain.

I eventually learned what it meant to stop being so strong and to give up the fight. To simply allow life to happen and to have faith that I would eventually end up exactly where I was meant to be. Even though I had learned this, I will admit that I remained frightened at times and found myself resisting the place that the universe seemed to be leading me. I found myself grasping at the straws of my past, afraid to let go and fall into the space of nothingness. Little by little I allowed my fears to melt away and loosened my grip on my past until I found myself in this beautiful space of freedom.

The universe has led me exactly where I have always intended to be. As I live in a space in sync with my heart, I find that life has become a state of ease. As I have learned to hear the voice of my heart and follow without question, it is as though I am being led, without effort and without struggle. My need to plan and control the future has become a state of the past, as I welcome the unknown and have faith in all that is to come my way. My world has opened up to endless opportunities that I willingly receive. As I dance through this beautiful journey of life, my universe holds no limits as I become all that I intend to be.