The Two Sides of Every Coin – By Marney Reid

Good morning LTTH readers. This post is about the dualities of ones’ personality, and the direction it can take our lives if we listen and create harmony with both sides.


This past weekend I went to brunch with a couple of my girl friends and we ended up at MaryJanes in the Hardrock Hotel in San Diego. As I was waiting for them to get there, I started really looking at the artwork in the restaurant and I noticed two things. I’ve looked at these pictures probably a total of 30 times, and only just NOW began to wonder what was in the artists’ head when they were painted.


Below is a picture of the painting.

Do you see the two versions of his body as well as of his face? I’m not saying this is what the artists’ intentions were, but here is how I view these paintings. Inside each of us lie two beings, the yin and the yang if you will. We are often told that people are either more creative (right brained) or more scientific (left brain) and you’re one or the other. Yet so many of us,especially females, have an innate creativity that exists, even if we do display a dominant scientific side.


I recently interviewed Shauna Mei for Stilettos on the Glass Ceiling (interview launches July 25, 2013) who is the founder of AHAlife and was featured in the book Stiletto Network as the Tiger Entrepreneur. As we were delving into her passions, her background, and how she started her company she said that in the conscious consumption luxury retail space she found a perfect blend of her personality…mixing engineering with creativity.


The entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs I have met over the last year have all had the same characteristics. They have recognized, embraced, and created a space in which both sides of their personality are allowed to thrive and grow. I feel that we find true happiness when we acknowledge and embrace our authentic self, and part of that is not allowing anyone to pigeonhole our roles and talents into one section of the box. How about you? What characteristics lately have been trying to surface in your work or personal lives…but for some reason haven’t been incorporated?