The LTTH Reading List

Reading continues to help expand the heart and mind. Below are some favorite titles. We hope that you enjoy and learn from them as much as we have. We welcome any recommendations you may have as well!

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Awakening the Buddha Within
Llama Surya Das

Awakening the Buddha Within

This book can change your life.  Choosing to read a book about spirituality, this was honestly the best choice ever made. Your perspective on everything changes, and suddenly this whole entire new possibility for existence opens up in front of your eyes.

Awakening the Buddha Within teaches readers about the beauty of Buddhism and what this philosophy full of wisdom and knowing truly entails. It teaches certain concepts such as speaking and living your truth, the importance of meditation, and the path to enlightenment. Every page holds wisdom to be treasured.

This book is recommended to anyone who is interested in opening their mind to spiritual concepts and/or Buddhism.  This book is for anyone looking to increase their knowledge base, or explore the possibility, of adding concepts of Buddhist philosophy to their life.

Comfortable With Uncertainty
Pema Chödrön

Comfortable with Uncertainty

With the unknown spread vast and wide in front of us, unsure of where life is going, you will want to read Comfortable With Uncertainty. If you are struggling with a great deal of change, or experiencing an extremely difficult time in life, Comfortable With Uncertainty is the right book at the right time.

This book contains short passages that are easily digested; the type of book you can pick up and read a couple pages of, receiving something profound from it, and feeling a sense of comfort. It’s a reminder of the beauty of the present moment and comforts your fears.

This book is recommended to anyone who is going through transition or is experiencing any uncertainty about where their path may be leading them. Comfortable With Uncertainty is the type of book you can keep on your nightstand and refer to whenever you feel the need for comfort or peace.

Life’s Operating Manual
Tom Shadyac

Life's Operating Manual

Life’s Operating Manual is an amazing book written by a very special and inspiring man. Tom Shadyac is someone that has received a lot of attention on LTTH. This is his first book, and it hits home and it hits hard.

Shadyac reminds us with upfront honesty that we are all one and that we, as a human race, are meant to work together and cooperate. That, as a species, we are at our best when we are working in ways that support and encourage one another, rather than when we are competing at succeeding at the expense of one another. Shadyac brilliantly explains that it is fear that keeps us from coming together, suggesting that we walk straight into that fear and create a new paradigm for being.

Life’s Operating Manual is recommended to everyone. It is a book that we all need to read and all can learn a great deal from. You will enjoy having one “ah-ha” moment after another and not want to put the book down. Sit with a highlighter and a pen! We all need to challenge our beliefs and step out of the lazy comfort we all sometimes fall into.

Radical Happiness: A Guide to Awakening
Gina Lake

Radical Happiness

This book simply makes you feel good. You realize that being radically happy is not only possible, it is right there at your fingertips. You will absolutely love the way Radical Happiness is written. Gina Lake has the ability to keep you wanting more as you read through the pages. As each chapter goes by, it is easy to see that there is much learning and layers of false ego are being peeled away.

Radical Happiness helps understand the presence of ego in life and shows the importance of transcending it. Often we get caught up in the false drama of the ego, draining our happiness out of our beings. Once we are able to separate ourselves from this, we can fully embrace the radical happiness that is meant to be ours.

This book is recommended to those people that want to be happy; truly happy. Isn’t that something almost every single one of us wants? It is a great read and a wealth of wisdom.

The Five Love Languages
Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages

There is so much that is wonderful about The Five Love Languages. Where to begin? This book teaches that there are five different ways that we communicate love to one another: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch. The mistake many of us make is that we offer love to our partner in the way that we prefer to receive love, rather than offering love to them in the way that allows them to feel loved. When we are able to learn the love language of our partner, and communicate our love to them in that way, our relationships become closer and more fulfilling.

This beautiful book will help you see your partner’s love language. We work so hard to show love, and yet feel frustrated if a partner does not understand what we are doing. Now, begin seeing your loving partnership in an entirely new way. Be excited about the opportunity to practice this wonderful new perspective on love.

The Five Love Languages is recommended to everyone interested in expanding their own perspective on love and relationships. Whether you are in a happy relationship, in a troubled relationship, single, or divorced, the information in this book is a gift to us all.

The Four Agreements
Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements has been described as my bible, having read it so many times. The Four Agreements offers the reader four very specific steps toward experiencing a life free of suffering: be impeccable with your word, don’t take things personally, don’t make assumption, and always do your best. The concepts are simple, yet the work takes practice and dedication. Author Don Miguel Ruiz offers his life changing wisdom in a way that is easily digested and inspiring to the reader.

This book has offered a gateway to letting go of unnecessary pain and unhappiness created throughout life. Worrying so much about what others think and the slightest discord with anyone around will place you in a space of sadness and worry. Don’t spend years making assumptions about the world around you and being hard on yourself for all of the above. Read The Four Agreements, and let go of these false beliefs of how you think the world is supposed to be.

The Four Agreements is recommended to anyone that may be struggling in life and is looking for the truth about the root of that suffering. This book is for anyone who is open to a new perspective and to changing their life. This is a book that you can read in one sitting, and will continue to read for the rest of your life.

The Gift of Forgiveness
Olivier Clerc

The Gift of Forgiveness

This book creates intense impact. The words, “Please Forgive Me,” can be extremely challenging to say, especially when you truly believe that you are actually the person who deserves an apology.

The Gift of Forgiveness tells of an encounter the author, Olivier Clerc, had with Don Miguel Ruiz around forgiveness. It is a beautiful read that provides a new perspective on how to make forgiving possible. Miguel Ruiz teaches, “We need to ask others to forgive us for having used them to shut ourselves off from love, while blaming them for our own choice.”

Basically, during deep meditation and visualization, we say the words “please forgive me” to all of those whom we feel have wronged or hurt us in any way. The process described is quite beautiful and you are encouraged to read it.

The Untethered Soul
Michael S. Singer

The Untethered Soul

This book is, by far, a favorite book of all time. You will want to read it on a daily basis and treasure the wisdom that flows from the pages. The Untethered Soul is this beautiful read that immediately brings you to a space of openness and freedom. Michael Singer has a way of taking very deep concepts and making them digestible to the reader. Reading this book is like cuddling in a warm blanket on a cold day.

Quite honestly, The Untethered Soul changes your life. Your heart opens and your life is never quite the same. Learn the difference between the voice in your head and your inner guidance. Develop the courage to walk straight into your fears. The process of silencing the ego and staying connected to your true self begins. Each of these steps are gifts that are invaluable.

The Untethered Soul is recommended for anyone that is ready to open their heart and no longer allow the fears being expressed by their egos to rule their life. If you feel a tightness in your heart, are allowing unnecessary boundaries to determine the choices you make, or are simply feeling a disconnect from your inner voice, this is the book for you.