The Journey to New Heights – By Jennifer Laurent

I have written quite a few times in the past about the ups and down of the spiritual path. There are moments when everything makes sense, we are at peace, and we are living in that best part of ourselves. We can connect to all the wisdom around us, feeling joyful and centered. And then there are those moments when we struggle. These moments may come suddenly and unexpectedly. Just when we think we finally “get it,” we are then feeling down and lost and unsure of who we are or where we are going. Fears may take over and again threaten to take us in a direction we know we do not wish to go. I’ve said before, it can feel like a roller coaster ride and sometimes it is all you can do to hold on.

Lately I have been in that space of ultimate joy and connection. I have felt a connection to love that I never knew existed before. As I was lying in bed last night headed toward sleep, I suddenly had the thought that soon this might come to an end. My initial reaction was one of dread and thinking how much I do not want to leave the state I am in. And then I had this clear truth arise within me. I immediately grabbed for a pen and paper and wrote. Rather than rewrite, I thought I would share the words as they flowed below…

The ups and downs of spiritual growth. When we feel up, these are the moments when all of our learning and growth come into fruition and we are able to bathe in the wisdom of the pain and suffering we may have experienced. If we are meant to learn more, when we are meant to learn more, we will again experience a state of discomfort until we grow again and return to the joy and fulfillment of another lesson learned. I want to write that again here, but for me. When I am meant to learn more, grow more, I will again experience a state of discomfort until I grow again and return to the joy and fulfillment of another lesson learned. This is the ebb and flow of growth…This is the process of awakening. So when the discomfort appears, we can know that it is time to go deeper and we are ready to become more awake. We are ready to take the next step.

As I sat in bed and thought about my current state of joy and contentment, I realized that I no longer feared that it may not last. I no longer felt the need to cling and grasp to hold on, dreading the possibility of having to return to a space of pain or discomfort. Instead, I know that when I am ready to learn more, when I am ready to discover the next level of being, ready to continue my awakening, the discomfort will come. I can face it with gratitude, knowing that through finding comfort in the discomfort I will awaken to all that I have the potential to be. We can celebrate these states of discomfort, understanding that it is the universe telling us we are ready, we are now strong enough, it is our time to reach greater heights.