The Inspiration of Tom Shadyac – By Jennifer Laurent

The Inspiration of Tom Shadyac

Have you ever met someone that simply radiates light through their being and you know exactly who they are and why they are here before they ever have to utter a word? Have you ever met someone who looks at you and within seconds has connected to your deepest truth and sees the essence of you? These people are gifts of light, encouragement, inspiration, and love. These moments are gifts from the divine that anchor our faith and secure our knowing. I had the privlage and honor of meeting such a person last night, Tom Shadyac, and my brief encounter with him has resonated deeply and profoundly in my heart.

For those of you who do not know who Tom is, he is a very successful director who is responsible for many films such as Liar Liar, Patch Adams, Bruce Almighty and many more. After a severe accident and almost losing his life, Tom made it his mission to live a more conscious existance and to become a part of the solution in this universe, rather than the problem. He created a documentary entitled “I Am” that challenges us all to move beyond what is wrong in the world and embrace all that is truth. I have written about the movie here and I encourage you all to watch it if you have not already.

So last night I had the honor of listening to Tom share his wisdom and truth with a small audience and for over an hour I was filled with words and ideas rooted in love. There are so many pieces that I have taken away with me that have reshaped my life and added perspective and dimension. I think that one piece that is resonating most with me today is his idea about truth and fear. In many situations I struggle with deciphering between the voice of truth and the voice of fear in my heart. Is it my truth talking to me and I should trust my instincts or am I simply afraid and my ego is working overtime to keep me from hearing my truth? When do I really know if it is fear and when do I really know if it is my truth.

As I listened to Tom speak on this, he suggested that as we face whatever is in front if us, fear will disintegrate and cower as we get closer while truth will rise and expand. We simply need to have faith and trust in knowing that we can walk down the road to figure it out, as we can always turn around or forge forward once we are sure. The interesting thing though is that even if it is fear speaking to us, most times fear is actually pointing us in the exact direction we need to go. Our fear shows us where we are uncomfortable, where we need to go in order to grow and expand our boundaries. So perhaps, we need not be so afraid of fear or opposed to it, rather to simply welcome it as another gift from the divine moving us closer to our truth and authenticity.

I set out to write this post to somehow acknowledge and honor a man that is impacting the world by living his authentic message. I hope that writing about this piece that resonated with me most has allowed me to accomplish this very goal. I sit here today encouraged more than ever to find my message and live my truth. To play my part in this beautiful and intricate universe where I know that I am a needed and necessary component, just as each and every one of you are. I hope that this somehow inspires you to find your path, live your message, and be your truth. Allow fear to help guide you toward your truth and be whatever it is that you wish for this world.