The Gift of Motherhood

For me, being a mother is a beautiful truth that is beyond words. That indescribable feeling that is difficult to explain, yet is one of the most real and profound experiences of my life. It brings me joy and fulfillment each and every day and has caused my heart to burst open wider than I ever dreamed possible. It is because of my son that I am capable of loving and forgiving in the way that I do. It is because of him that I am the person I am today, and for that and so much more, I am filled with gratitude.

My journey through motherhood has taught me more about myself than any other life experience I have lived. Each and every day, I eagerly embrace my role as student, willing to open my mind and expand my heart to whatever is to come my way. I have been challenged to face fears and achieve goals. I have been inspired to look honestly within myself in an effort to live my truth. I have been excited to experience the uncertainty that parenting promises with curiosity and an open heart.

When I think about being a mother, I become full of an overwhelming sense of unconditional love and joy. This intense feeling is one that I truly believe has the power to transform the world. Through experiencing this sense of love for my son, I have learned to love myself in a way unknown to me before. I have learned to embrace and accept all of who I am in the same way I am able to embrace and accept my child. This gift of self-love has been a powerful one and has truly transformed my entire existence.

To be completely honest, finding the words to write this has been a struggle for me. Motherhood has always been something that I simply felt I was meant to do. It is something I feel in my heart, allowing my sense of truth to guide me. It has taken my journey throughout this universe to great heights and it will continue to expand my world far and wide. I will continue to learn, grow, and be challenged. Most of all, I will continue to love with a far greater capacity than I can even imagine right now. That’s the magic of being a mother. Over and over, just when you think you can’t possibly love any more than you already do, your heart expands and connects you to even deeper parts of your soul and greater heights of love.