The Beauty of Silence – By Marney Reid

Good morning LTTH readers.  This post comes as I’m on my last day of vacation a couple weeks ago.  Our company (my day job) had ended our fiscal year and I had run my energy into the ground bringing in my own sales numbers and trying to help get my team across a certain revenue marker we had set as our team goal.

I had planned to go to Sedona, Arizona for much needed rejuvenation and relaxation when my friend had to cancel last minute, so I ended up in Washington with some of my favorite cousins.

One of the nights I was there, I had a couple hours to myself to sit outside and just enjoy the quiet.  This resort sits on the beach on Bainbridge Island and unlike San Diego, you can be standing on the beach, and looking at an entire land mass of lush green trees.  The pictures featured in this post were taken on a walk I took along the beach.

When I was a child (well who am I kidding?  This applied up until about a year ago) I was never able to sit and be still.  I wasn’t able to listen to the birds, or the wind, or to sit by a body of water and be content to hear the tiny waves lapping against the sand.  I don’t know if I was just to hyper and didn’t understand the true beauty that the quiet sounds of nature offer…or if I was simply scared of the things I would be forced to confront (my own issues) if I took away all the “stimuli.”

Over the past year and a half…I have done a lot of “being still.”  They say you can’t truly know another person, until you know/accept/and embrace yourself.  This means facing the demons of your past, and putting them to rest (or at least starting along that journey).  This means acknowledging that you are not now, nor will you ever be perfect, but at least you can be happy with the fact that you try to better yourself every day.  This also means, you have to be happy enough with BEING the source of your own joy to appreciate the beauty that silence can bring you.

Part of me wishes I had figured this out long ago, when my parents used to take us to Yosemite and Catalina Island every year for vacation and I could have soaked in the silence of my surroundings there.  However, I strongly believe we shouldn’t wish to change the past, because it’s what helped us to get the place we are now, in the present.  Also, if it hadn’t been for my “rush rush rush” attitude…maybe I wouldn’t value my time alone now, or find such beauty in the simple sound of silence so much if I hadn’t gotten to the point where I was forced to embrace it.

So how about you?  How often do you treat yourself to taking a solo walk or driving into the outskirts of the city (if you live in one) and just sitting alone, soaking in the sounds around you, and finding your happiness?