Teaching Moments

Rosa Parks

Last night I sat at dinner with my son and he told me the story of Rosa Parks. His wording of what he understood was simply beautiful. He stated that there was a woman who wasn’t allowed to sit in the front of the bus because she had dark skin. She was asked to move and would not. She then raised her head and arms up high, and because of her, the law was changed. This one woman changed the law for everyone. I can tell you that as I listened to my five-year old son tell this to me, my heart expanded with love and gratitude.

This conversation quickly became a teaching moment for me as a parent. We went on to discuss Rosa Parks in more detail, slavery, civil rights, and Martin Luther King Jr. My son was filled with questions and his opinion about these very key components to our history. Listening to his thoughts of the injustice and unkindness of it all truly filled me with hope. He said that if he had been alive then, he never would have treated anyone that way and that it made his heart hurt that these things had happened.

I write this because as I said, this conversation filled me with hope. As a child, I was not able to express my opinions on these types of matters. I often felt alone in my perspectives and not taken seriously. Giving my son a platform to express his own perceptions and perspectives provided this beautiful platform of sharing and creating a memorable parent child moment. I encourage you all to welcome these conversations and explore with your children further, not only giving them information, but also being curious about their thoughts and listening to what they have to say. They are not only listening, but they are curious and have understanding and opinions of their own. These are beautiful and priceless moments of teaching for both our children and for us.