Stepping into the Unknown

Faith: Strong or unshakeable belief in something, especially without proof or evidence.

It’s an interesting feeling when we step into the unknown, walk into the uncertainty. It can feel terrifying and make you want to run the other direction. It can feel like stepping off a cliff into the darkness of an abyss. You have to take that step, let go of whatever you are holding onto, propel yourself forward, and have faith that there will be safe ground up ahead to land on. It’s an interesting feeling moving forward and having no idea where you are going.

Often times our inner voice speaks to us, urging us to go toward a space that seems crazy and makes absolutely no sense at all. We hear this voice and feel this desire, and quite instantly an excitement arises within. We begin to imagine and dream about following this higher knowing and all the joys and freedom that lie ahead.

Just when we start to believe in the possibilities, our very overeager brain goes to work and our ego becomes involved. We find ourselves considering all of the reasons our desire is not possible, all of the things that could go wrong. Through fear, our excitement becomes anxiety, and our inner voice fades away.

If we pay close attention, we will still be able to feel that sense of higher knowing through the veil of fear. We may experience flashes of imagination, twinges of excitement, or a pulling at our heart randomly throughout our days. This higher knowing won’t let go and there is no way to ignore it. There comes a time when you know you must follow your heart and go straight into the unknown or forever feel tormented by resisting the communication of your soul. You make that decision to walk into the abyss, take that step off the cliff and have faith that there will be something there to catch you.

If you are anything like me, the resistance of your ego will grow stronger once you make the choice to follow your inner voice. Every step of the way, there will be doubt and uncertainty. You may feel like you are quite crazy and try to talk yourself out of it. Almost as if you are following the voice of your soul and your human body is being dragged along kicking and screaming. Somewhere inside though, you know you must continue in this direction, no matter what you discover, no matter what the outcome will be.

How do we find the courage to walk into the unknown and the strength to resist our fear along the way? How do we stay connected to the communication of our soul through the screaming voice of our ego?

Faith allows us to let go of our false belief that we can control things and their outcome. Faith allows us to feel safe, that we are headed where we need to be. Faith gives us the courage and the strength to make our way forward when we are unable to see where we are going. Faith may be found within ourselves, the universe, God, many gods, or anywhere really. If we can find our own personal source of faith, we will find the courage and strength to walk blindly into the unknown and feel safe in the uncertainty.