Standing Back

This ache in my heart
The feeling of pain
It tears me apart
Keeps shouting my name

The more my heart opens
And fills up with love
Every inch of me softens
And threatens to run

To be by your side
And guide you through darkness
My pain pushed aside
I can feel all your sadness

It enters my being
It rattles my core
This connection I’m feeling
Is so hard to ignore

I wish I had power
To show you your light
And could somehow devour
All your fears and your fight

Make you see who I see
Under the armor
A heart longing to be
Free of fear and unguarded

But this is your journey
Your lessons to learn
You’ll uncover the beauty
And the joy will return

In you I have faith
To pull yourself through
Find the peace that awaits
The beautiful you

You’re here in my heart
And I hold you in light
Send you strength from afar
By your side through this fight