Signs. Those magical and unexplainable gifts in our life that are here for us – not against. Some may say that they are here to point us in the right direction (whatever that means). In an attempt to make sense of strange phenomenons, I have projected my familiar stories of security, sensation, and power onto them. I wanted to understand that which, at times, is not to be understood, to the point of making myself sick.

Yep, I jumped off a cliff, abandoned my heart, and created  obsession for a year. I became the hamster on the wheel of the circle of fear. On the bright side, I have come to a broader awareness of signs. Turns out that they were here, just not in the way that I assumed. I justified my assumption around what some may call “coincidence” by fitting them into my addictive, romantic programming. I strengthened my hold by watching the movie “Serendipity” starring John Cusack. Seeee, my mind would say, You are RIGHT. I then fooled myself into “thinking” that it was my destiny, and that I was going to move heaven and earth to make IT happen. Ha! I did move earth, leaving me flat on my face with nothing but mud and splinters. Tweezers, please.

My obsession? I will leave the details for my book, but it was a person. A relationship. A destiny that I “thought” SHOULD go a certain way. My way. I know that now. I made the decision to wait for IT to happen. After all, almost every sign and psychic said that it was destined to happen. But, I had forgotten Love’s truth… NOTHING is set in stone. Although, clairvoyants have incredible insight, there is no “for sure” future. The past is dead, and time is always NOW.

“If you are waiting for something to happen, forget about it. Nothing will. Life is a creation. It doesn’t just happen.”-Cinnamon Lofton

I have now made up a new meaning from the multitude of signs given to me as opportunities to choose Love. They were, and are, here to have fun with. To let go of all expectations and simply be with the “what is.”  To not need to know… WHY?

“To continually ask ‘WHY?’ is to constantly resist taking full responsibility for what you’re creating in your life. (Why me? Why now? Why…? Why…?)

Replace the word ‘WHY’ with ‘YES.’ There’s power in yes. Yes says, “I see. I can deal with this ‘what-is.'”
Instead of Why, say Wow!!
Instead of Why, say Oh!!
Instead of Why, say THANK YOU!!”
-Cinnamon Lofton

So, my friends, instead of choking the flame of addiction that is pleading for us to simply breathe, we can choose to hold stories around mystical experiences, preferentially. We can choose to let the divine take the reins while living in the present moment. We can choose to gently place our intimate desires in the palms of our hands, face them towards the limitless sun, and know that, by letting go, we have begun to see the wonders of the Universe.

We can choose to be free… with or without a sign.

Over a year ago, that very person once asked me to write a blog about signs. Will SHE read it? Doesn’t matter. I will let go of THAT, too.