Feeling lost and unsure
Completely off center
Not sure what to do
To make my heart feel any better
I should feel so happy
I should be ecstatic
Instead I just sit here
On the verge of a panic
I am stepping away
From all I have known
My life gone as I know it
I feel so alone
I am scared, oh so scared
What if I fall
About to take this huge leap
Part of me longing to stall
I just want to scream
Want to punch a wall
I just want to break down
Stop standing so tall
I feel the anger and sadness
It just keeps on coming
It’s closing my heart
For me it is numbing
I feel myself shake
On the verge of tears
My defenses start melting
Exposing my fears
When will it stop
Will it ever go away
This doubt that I feel
This desire to sway
It leaves me confused
Leaves me angry inside
Don’t like doubting myself
In favor of lies
But I need to remember
Need to leave myself room
To feel the pain and the wonder
Of breaking through my cocoon