Seven Ways To Let The Ladybugs Land

Recently, my ex-husband and I received some news that we did NOT want, and life  continued to throw us one curve ball after another. With every slam, I kept letting go of control and trusting that a higher power was directing my life. All I needed to do was follow my heart, and let the ladybugs land.

Ha! I just made that sound so easy. It hasn’t been. But, guess what? The door to the other side is opening wider, and the light is not so blinding.

Fear has been my familiar and fake friend; a perilous blanket guising as comfort, and I have suffered enough. In the last five years, I have been building my love track (with definitely more-than-a-few derailments), and just yesterday… I am seeing the train. CHOO! CHOO!

So, how do we let the ladybugs land?

1. Choose Love

“Duh,” you say. You may even roll your eyes. These two simple words are our life preserver. When we take the focus OFF ourselves and step into the shoes of another, our perspective changes. We could see the fearful innocence of the person that we are creating separateness from, and then create forgiveness. Making a person “wrong” for their unloving actions, will only keep us stuck. Do we want to be “right”? Or, happy? “We can only give what we’ve got.”

2. Trust

Every single thing that is occurring in our life right now is here FOR our spiritual growth. EVERYTHING. What we deem as “good” or “bad” is right on schedule; a lesson to be learned. Trust the “what is” and don’t resist it; it is here to strengthen us.  Call it the “IS-ness Business,” and choose to master it-even through your darkest hour.

3. Breathe

Have you ever noticed that you hold your breath when you are creating fear? Breathing in deep is a way to access our divinity. Remember that we are a part of the whole; a part of Love. When I breathe into this truth, I remember, while taking FULL responsibility for my actions, that I am NOT my actions. Who I am being is NOT who I really am. I am love; love is me. A spirit having a human experience. Just like you. No separation. We are one. In this way, I choose to be the observer of my actions from my soul’s loving perspective. And, when we remember to take a deep breath, we…

4. Stay Present

All we have is this moment. It is the only one that is real. What we are doing RIGHT NOW, is our future. If we are choosing fear and creating separateness from even ONE person, we are separate from our authentic self; thus, life will be more difficult to manage. We have everything we need to create happiness in our here and now. It is where miracles are created.

5. Give It To Love With Gratitude

When I obsess, I am a mess. When I let go, I create peace. I accomplish this by thanking our Creator as I say, “With all my heart, I give this to you.” And then…

6. Follow Your Arrow

Although my ex and I are going our separate ways, we are creating a sustainable close family bond. We decided to change form of our marriage just five months ago. What an emotional roller coaster it has been, as we continue to still abide under the same roof. Because we have kept it honest, with massive amounts of communication, there has been rarely a rope to pull on. No war, as we continue to honor our many differences. Many people are confusing themselves as to why we would leave our (mostly) peaceful union in the first place. Even me, from time to time. AND, the arrow knows the way…

7. Be An Instrument Of Love

Where ever the arrow takes you, be what you want to see. The best way to let the ladybugs land is to STOP thinking about the ladybug; stop thinking about ourselves and what we “think” we must have. It’s not about us, and the contradiction is … it is! It is about Love and being its instrument. We will always receive what we need. And, what we need is what serves our truest self.

Now that you have my favorite seven “how to’s”, please join me and be the light of love that you already are.

With a train full of ladybugs, I will meet you there.

With all my heart,