Self Reflection And Healing Through Words: A Poem Of Hope

Dawn awakens. She smiles, stretches, and greets the new day.

For her rebirth chases away bad dreams, and in its’ place, a brand new day.

The sun slowly rises, touching all she loves and warming her creatures below.

For her heat brings life, life so strong that even the darkness of nights cannit remain for long.

The pains of the past fade, slowly, so slowly moving into the distant horizon.

For the pain brings lessons, that strengthen resolve and shape our future.

The wind blows softly, whispering “lift your head my loves,” I’ll dry your tears if you will but let me.

For she has strength to move you forward, into a destiny bright with possibilities.

Birds sing, a lite and happy sound that lifts your soul, spreading warmth from within.

For they have always been singing, simply waiting for your soul to hear and dance to their songs.

As dawn gives way to daylight, remember the gift she grants of new beginnings.

As you turn your face to the sun, remember the warmth will always return, no matter how cold the night was.

As the wind dries your tears, never forget the lessons learned and growth they brought.

And as your soul dances once more, to the soft sounds of the birds, keep the music within your soul, and never let it fall silent.