Self Love

Self Love

Practicing Self Love

A few months ago I posted a blog titled Falling in Love, which described my beautiful and memorable experience with self love. I had uncovered this deep and passionate love of myself that I had not experienced in the past. It was a moment that I will always cherish and a moment that has impacted my life in a profound way since. I have found that since that moment I am more aware of the person I am, the things I am feeling, and my intentions for my life. I have a curiosity about who I am and a desire to get to know me at deeper levels. I also experience greater ease in caring for and honoring me.

Today I took a nap in the middle of the day simply because I was feeling very tired. Now if you know me, this is something I do not do. Today though I decided to follow my desire and my love of self right into my bed for some much needed rest. I awoke feeling this deep sense of gratitude toward myself and started to think about how to enrich this experience of self love. When we are in love with a person outside ourselves we find ways to show it. We give gifts, perform gestures or acts of services, say kind words, and show affection to name a few. We put forth a great deal of effort, as we want this person to understand that we love them. And if you have ever given love, you know that it simply feels good.

Imagine putting forth conscious efforts of self love.

There are so many ways for us to show our deep and passionate love for our own being. We can give ourselves the gifts of laughter, crying, silence, and companionship. We can provide gestures or acts of service such as taking the time to rest when needed, giving our bodies exercise, consuming healthy foods, acquiring new knowledge on a continual basis, seeking ways for spiritual growth. We can monitor the words we say about ourselves and transition those words to kind messages about all the beauty that is us. We can even show affection by giving ourselves a giant hug every day. Some of these we may be doing without even realizing it, while others may seem foreign to us. Either way, by consciously making an effort to practice self love we can nourish and enrich the most important relationship we will ever have, our relationship with self.