The Path Toward a Search Within

Search Within

My journey as I find my way to search from within

It seems as though many of us need to search within as we lose our way at some point throughout our lives. We may come to a place where we feel disconnected, unhappy, or as though there is something missing. We may begin to question our surroundings, our decisions, and even the people that we have in our lives. It might not be clear as to what we are searching for, but suddenly we become keenly aware that a search is necessary. And so it begins….

My search within began many years ago. I would feel twinges of disconnect within myself. I would be in a moment doing something I thought I loved and suddenly I would feel a sense that I wasn’t actually where I should be. I would experience moments of longing and desire for something that was not currently in my reach. I would feel sadness, frustration, anxiety, and even anger. I would quite simply get the sense that I was not living to my potential.

Over time I would experience these feelings within myself more frequently and with higher intensity. Eventually the point came where I simply couldn’t push them away anymore. My heart was screaming to be heard and I was ready to listen. As many of you I am sure can relate to, initially my search began with an outward focus. I found myself seeking advice from others, reading, going to seminars, and simply looking around for the answers that I now longed for. I was sure that if I kept searching eventually I would find what I was looking for.

Through my search outside myself I learned a great deal of information that I truly believe I have been able to convert to wisdom. I gathered information and understanding that allowed me to acquire the courage necessary to begin the search where the answers would be found, my search within. It is a very big moment when you realize that everything you have ever longed for, desired, and questioned is actually right there within yourself waiting for you. It is motivating, empowering, and provides a sense of freedom. Suddenly discoveries are made and things begin to click into place as long lost puzzle pieces begin fitting together.

The journey into self discovery starts with a search within

As I began to build the puzzle more and more answers arrived and my way became more clear. My journey into self-discovery has been an adventure to say the least, but I have found the key to access and live to my potential. My search within has been life changing and will continue to be my road map to everywhere I meant to go.