Saying Goodbye

I have recently come to understand how important it is to say goodbye to certain people in your life, even though your heart may still be full of love for them. Throughout our lives we meet people, connect with them, develop relationships, and grow. Sometimes we find ourselves growing with a person and other times we find ourselves growing apart. For many relationships there comes a point where it becomes better for you, the other person, and/or both for the relationship to end.

For so long I had maintained relationships that simply did not feel good in my heart. Some of these relationships involved conflict, others simply discontent or discomfort. As I maintained these connections I would find that I was no longer growing. These people were not adding to my life and were actually depleting my energy. What I found was that I would stick with the relationship because in my heart I still held great love for them. The thought of saying goodbye not only scared me, but also hurt. This fear of letting go and pain left me in relationships that simply were not a positive in my life.

As I began to finally find the willingness to say goodbye I realized some amazing things happening in my life. Mostly I found that letting go of unhealthy connections opened up space in my life to create new and positive relationships with new people in my life. Relationships I realize would never had been created had I not found the strength and courage to say goodbye.

Through this process I realize that saying goodbye does not have to be seen in a negative light. It really can be a positive decision for both parties and can be done with love and kindness. Owning your reasons for saying goodbye and being willing to be honest and kind in the process can allow both parties to learn and grow from the experience. I hold so much love and gratitude to those I have decided to say goodbye to. They have added to my life in so many ways and honor the role they have played in the person I am today.