Resist No More – By Haley Jones Chiarmonte

Did you know that Hitler wanted to be an artist? Neither did I, until I read a passage from Steven Pressfield’s book, “The War of Art” in which he explains that Hitler indeed, moved to Vienna at eighteen years old to live and study art. He went to some pretty prestigious schools, using almost all of his inheritance to master his knowledge of art and culture. Have you ever seen his paintings? Neither have I.

Pressfield goes onto to explain that Hitler must have hit some kind of resistance in his artistic dream and instead of sitting down and looking at a blank canvas, it was easier for him to start a World War. Call it an exaggeration or whatever you’d like, but for me it seems that he chose manipulation, power and control over his childhood dream.

I often find this same struggle in my own life (don’t worry, I’m not planning a World War) when I can easily use power or manipulation to get what I want instead of using my gifts, my talents, and my knowledge to grow on my long-term dreams and aspirations. It’s almost too common for me to find some other excuse or something more important to do than sit down at my computer and polish my writing, read a book that might improve my understanding of life, or find a way to be charitable to someone else.

Now think about a goal you may have had in the past or present such as; losing weight, starting a new yoga class, going back to school, learning a new recipe, helping needy children, or waking up earlier. They all seem like such simple goals, many of which I can relate to but failed due to the resistance in my mind. The good news is that we can defeat resistance by understanding that any type of “good” goal or “life improving” goal will usually attract a lot of resistance. It’s in our DNA. Once we realize this, it will be easier to see it for what it truly is and move forward, pushing through it, and being one step closer to your life changing goals.

If you are reading this today, you are closer to your next goal, or your highest dream. You’ve taken five minutes to improve your knowledge of any resistance you may be feeling. You are five minutes closer to busting through it.

As we all know, Hitler was unable to push through his resistance and the world suffered from it, but people like Leonardo da Vinci, George Lucas, Abraham Lincoln, and the Dali Lama are just a few who are great examples of people who have made it through the resistance and accomplished their dreams. To this day we enjoy the art of da Vinci, the epic tale of Star Wars, the freedoms Abraham Lincoln provided our country, and the inspirational messages from the Dali Lama. These people are not so different from you, so don’t let anything stop you from creating your dream. Break the resistance.