Raising a Man

I am the very proud mother of a beautiful little boy. I parent him with great joy, and am honored to have been given the gift of being his mother. As I raise him, there are so many things I want to provide and teach him, but most importantly, I want to raise him to be a good man. When I discovered I was going to be the mother of a boy, I immediately began to think about the fact that one day he would be an adult male in this world. I knew instantly that a guiding force in my choices from than on would center on the knowledge that I was now raising a future man.

As my son grows, I work hard to make him a little more independent each and every day. I attempt to provide him the tools he will need to care for himself, physically and emotionally, without the need to depend on others. I want him to know and experience that he does not need anyone; rather he can fill his life with people out of want and true connection. In this I hope to instill in him a sense of pride for the everyday simple acts of living, a true joy in the necessities of life, such as self-care and caring for others.

I have watched my son grow in physical and emotional strength as the years have gone by. It is funny to witness how ingrained some of those gender differences are, even in the earliest years of life. As he builds on this strength and confidence, I also hope to guide him toward maintaining the compassion and sensitivity I have witnessed in him from the time he was born. Allowing him to express his feelings, teaching him to awareness of others, and assisting him in somehow bringing the two together. Having the confidence to be sensitive and the compassion to be strong.

Through kindness and love I aspire to teach him to allow his heart to guide him in knowing right from wrong and hope to inspire within him the passion to stand up for what he know to be right in his heart. To be willing to put himself out there to help others and to find the courage to be honest, standing by and following through with his word.

I am the mother of a boy. A beautiful little boy who will one day grow up to be a beautiful man.