Quest Toward Healthier Eating

Lately I have been working on altering my son’s diet to include healthier and more nutritious choices that are most effective for his body. Through my own research into diet, health, and nutrition I have learned a plethora of information that I now feel would be a disservice to my son if I didn’t change his diet as well. As I am sure many of you can imagine, this is definitely not an easy endeavor, especially when these changes include the removal of some very crucial items to my son, like certain cereals, candy, and french fries. And so the quest to healthier eating has begun.

As with anything else, this has served as a learning process. I am making mistakes along the way, while gaining a ton of information. I have learned that providing information is key. The more I explain to my son exactly what everything is and the reasons that they can harm is body or the reasons that other foods will make his body work at it’s best, seems to make him more receptive to the idea. It helps that he has recently decided to live to the young age of 150, and so letting him know which foods will aid him in this mission has proved to be effective.

I have learned to appreciate the value of providing choices. Giving him options and allowing him decide gives him the ability to feel that he is in control of what he is choosing to eat. As like everything else in parenting, the more fun you can make it the better it is for everyone, and so we have made this quest a fun one. We have developed all sorts of contests (helps that my boy is competitive), sticker calendars, and cooking classes to name a few.

Last but certainly not least, I take the time often to explain to my little guy that I love him. Letting him know that it is my job as his mom to take care of him in the best way I know how, which means feeding him the healthy foods that are best for him. I let him know how easy it would be for me to let him eat junk food all day, since that is what would make him feel happy in the moment, but that I would not be doing my best if I did. I let him know that I understand that these choices may not be ones he is excited about, but that the quest toward healthier eating and his mission toward the age of 150 will prove to be fun and exciting in the end.