Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

The Push Toward Thinking Positive

Positive thinking is a term we hear a great deal about these days. Like most things in our society, it seems that we tend to follow trends. Ideas catch on and next thing you know everyone is doing it. We are constantly being encouraged to rid ourselves of negativity and to focus on the positive. It seems that positive thinking is sort of the “in” thing and as many might joke, “negativity is so 10 years ago!” As I joke about this, I do want to say that if there is going to be a trend and social influence, I am grateful that it is one that encourages positivity as opposed to the other way around.

As I tap into this push toward positivity though, I can’t help my desire to understand it more fully and determine its depth and the possible repercussions of it. A few months back I posted an article titled “Let Negativity Exist.” I spoke of the importance of allowing our negative feelings to be acknowledged and fully appreciated in order for them to transform into positives. Simply pushing away negativity and attempting to deny it robs us of learning the necessary lessons negative feelings can teach us.

As I sit here now I think about other ways in which negativity needs to be allowed to exist. I have watched and been on the receiving side of people distancing themselves from those going through negative times and existing in a negative space. I hear statements about only wanting to be around positive thinking people and not wanting to be involved in other people’s drama. On one level I can understand this, but in all honesty, these statements hurt my heart. It is in times of pain and when one exists in a “negative” space that our fellow humans need us most. These are the moments when true friendship, love, and relationship are called to action.

Are we making a mistake in positive thinking?

If we cannot find comfort in allowing our own negativity to exist within us, we will then be unable to find comfort in allowing negativity to exist within others. Negativity exists to teach us lessons and help us to grow, as long as we let it. We do not need to be afraid that simply allowing for negative feelings within those and ourselves we are in relationship with will somehow bring us down. On the contrary, allowing for this negativity is the true path to positive thinking, a deeper love of self, and more intimate relationships with those we love. Allowing for negativity is where true positive thinking and feeling lies.