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  • Arianna Jeret

    Mediator & Conflict Coach

    Arianna brings 15-plus years of experience in Social Work and Conflict Resolution to her mediation table. She has also developed and evaluated social service programs, guiding complex committees to create win-win outcomes for everyone involved.
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  • Marney Reid


    My name is Marney Reid and I live in San Diego, California. I graduated with a Business-Economics degree from UCSB and do surgical devices sales for a global industry leader. Over the past 9 years of my sales career I’ve opened new…

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  • Michelle Johnson


    I am a lover of all things creative and unique, and find beauty in all of creation. I am very happily married, a mom of four, a promoter of love, unity, mindful living and the empowerment of women and girls. I encourage others to HAVE FUN…

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  • Amy Nolet

    Journalist, Writer

    Hi. I live near beautiful Seattle with my husband, two kids, and my dog. Amidst the chaos of managing a busy family, I strive to live consciously and with purpose. I enjoy the introspective process of mulling over the adventures life brings my way…

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  • Mark Holder


    Growing up the youngest of four boys in Cherry Hill, NJ, Mark always new he wanted a big family. After college in Washington, D.C., Mark moved to Los Angeles to get into the entertainment business. After years as a talent agent…

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  • Becky McCleery


    Hi, I’m Becky Lyter McCleery, and I’m delighted to connect with you. The heart of who I am right now, is a mom. I have three amazing kids, and together they have turned my world upside down in the very best of ways.

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  • Kris Wolfe

    Writer, Actor, Yoga Teacher

    When Kris was in college, he started a chapter of Theta Chi on his campus which has been recognized twice nationally through the North-American Interfraternity Council’s Award of Distinction. After graduating, he took a position with…

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  • Christy Espinel


    Christy Espinel was born and raised in Miami in a Cuban family with many Musical Talents. She comes from a long line of singers and has been involved in vocal performance since the age of 5. She’s always kept a personal journal…

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  • Marissa Bloom


    Marissa Bloom, emerging children’s author and publisher, spends her days with her husband and two young children – playing, eating, napping, exploring, creating catastrophic messes and almost usually cleaning them up.

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  • Jennifer Black

    Writer, Actor, Yoga Teacher

    Jennifer Black is a spirited southern girl, living happily for a decade in Los Angeles. She is a passionate artist of writing, acting, teaching yoga, taking pictures, building relationships, and exploring every possible inch of this life she can.

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  • Haley B. Jones

    Communications Student

    Haley B. Jones is a full time student living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is currently studying communications, with an emphasis on social interaction and journalism at SLCC. Haley left her 9 to 5 job to be a skin therapist/esthetician…

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  • Tabitha Cherewka

    Tabitha Cherewka is a wife, mother, sister, daycare provider and foster mom all wrapped up into one awesome package.

    A student of languages, Tabitha spent 3 months in Germany as an international exchange student before attending the University of Guelph, Ontario …

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