About Marney

Marney ReidHello LiveThroughTheHeart Readers. My name is Marney Reid and I live in San Diego, California.

The Who

I graduated with a Business-Economics degree from UCSB and do surgical devices sales for a global industry leader. Over the past 9 years of my sales career I’ve opened new territories, doubled my growth quotas, risen through the sales ranks faster than most, attained President Club status, become clinically and strategically one of the best in my company, and until recently, I was a failure.

The How

Why was I a failure? I failed to be brave enough to define my own version of success, which led me to be confused as to what I REALLY wanted. I failed to attain that “next level up” position in my company because my internal insecurities and issues were holding me back. I failed because I didn’t realize that to have a wildly successful career, I had to first become an extremely self-aware and emotionally intelligent woman.
The What: So what changed that made me go from “failure” to the more self-assured, self-aware, self-loving individual that’s sharing her story with you today? Some call it an “aha moment,” that moment where the universe kicks you in the head and you realize WHAT key element was missing in order to become a more open, loving, and accepting person. I call it my Mirror, Mirror Moment.

The Why

I was honored to be able to share my story with you on LiveThroughTheHeart because the lessons I have learned have been painful. The time in which they happened have been recent, and the results of forcing myself into the “Awakening in Self-Awareness” has been WORTH the harshness of the journey. I hope my stories resonate with you. I’d love to hear your feedback on similar lessons you’ve learned and how that has shaped you into who and where you are today. I promise to keep it real, keep it funny (I have the humor of a 15 year old boy) and to always have a point as to why I share each story with you.

If you’d like to learn more about the career growth that this emotional growth has helped spur, please visit my blog at: www.stilettosontheglassceiling.com