About Mark

MarkHolderHeadshotGrowing up the youngest of four boys in Cherry Hill, NJ, Mark always new he wanted a big family. After college in Washington, D.C., Mark moved to Los Angeles to get into the entertainment business. After years as a talent agent, Mark and his girlfriend at the time, Christine Cameron, opened a management/production company which later merged into what is now Zero Gravity Management. Now a partner in a company of twenty people, Mark produces motion pictures and represents financiers and artists in the areas of film, television and other media.

After marrying Christine, The Holders had four children: Reagan Fletcher Holder (6 years old), Riley Wilson Holder (4 years old), Jackson Roy Holder (1year old twin), Rachel Grace Holder (1 year old twin).

Mark believes in being a very active, present dad. Coaching two baseball teams, taking the boys swimming, golfing, bike riding, skateboarding, playing football, drawing, playing on the beach, watching Scooby Doo, rolling a chair full of kids through a tower of paper towels, etc. is just the beginning.

An effective dad is one who is involved, and Mark is right in the middle.

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