About Jennifer Carter

Jennifer Carter is an aspiring author of creative writing and poetry. From a very young age she began writing stories, poems, and prose as a way to make sense of life around her and as a way to help challenge her creativity. Growing up, she surrounded herself with books, dove into them, and escaped within their pages.

A dedicated student, she received her BA in English with an emphasis in Women’s Studies, an MA in Liberal Arts & Sciences, emphases in English, Literature, Sociology, and Popular Culture, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Education, emphases in Education Policy, Evaluation, and Reform. She works freelance in social media marketing and literary/corporate editing through her business, Get Inked! – Editing & Marketing Services.

When she’s not juggling a myriad of professional tasks, Jennifer dedicates her personal time to her side project, the online literary journal The California Journal of Women Writers, as Founding Editor and principal writer. TCJWW features original reviews and criticism of women’s literature from across North America, as well as interviews with authors and commentary on critiques published elsewhere. She also blogs for several different websites to keep her creative juices flowing.

Jennifer’s most important role – and that which fills her heart with immense joy – is that of Mom. She spends her free time with her family outdoors, chasing the wind and running into the surf.

You can find me on the web here:
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The California Journal of Women Writers
The California Journal of Women Writers Facebook
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Feel free to e-mail me at jennifer@getinkedcontent.com