About Ian

ian twitterIan is a spiritual teacher of inner wisdom, universal love, self awareness, oneness, peace, and abundance. He is an author and lectures internationally on contemporary spirituality, technology and personal growth.

Ian originates from Australia, where he worked on Sydney’s inner city streets and saw the reality of human suffering first hand. He sought a spirituality that made a difference in the reality of life here and now. Ian admires anyone on an honest quest to live meaningful lives, no matter who they are or where life has taken them; homeless people, broken people, creative people, liberated people, recovering people, inquiring people, real people.

Ian has lived and worked in three counties; Australia, New Zealand and America. In 2004, Bishop John Shelby Spong convinced Ian to come to the United States to lead an emerging group of free thinkers in West Michigan. For nearly ten years, Ian lived in Grand Haven, Michigan with his wife Meg and three children Hugo, Darcy and Raina.

Now they are moving back to Sydney, where Ian and Meg will continue their free spirited lives, offering inspiration and hope where it is needed. Ian and Meg lead an online support community called Soulseeds, and an online marketing support service called Soulseeds Media.

The Soulseeds network has grown quickly in the three years since it launched, with over 40,000 Facebook fans, and over 150,000 tweeps. Its a fast growing and cutting edge social network of people interested in personal development, social change and the beautiful connectedness of life.

Ian has studied and read widely on philosophy and spirituality, including the likes of Ken Wilber, Elizabeth Lesser, Genpo Roshi, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Joan Borysenko and other leaders in universal wisdom and contemporary spirituality.

You can reach Ian at ian@soulseeds.com, connect on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ilawton, visit Soulseeds on Facebook,www.facebook.com/soulseeds or visit his sites at www.soulseeds.com or www.soulseedsmedia.com

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Feel free to e-mail me at ian@soulseeds.com