About Haley

all_9965Haley B. Jones is a full time student living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is currently studying communications, with an emphasis on social interaction and journalism at SLCC. Haley left her 9 to 5 job to be a skin therapist/esthetician at ‘Skinworks Advanced Therapy’ and enjoys helping people feel confident physically, and psychologically. She actively supports causes such as the Human Right Campaign as well as The Utah Aids Foundation.

At age 7 her parents divorced and her dad came out of the closet. It was during that time when she started writing in journals, but later decided to share her stories of triumph and sorrow once she became a stepmother of three beautiful girls, Julieta, Nichole, and Emily. She hopes that through her personal experiences others may reflect, ponder, and heal from daily trivialities that come from being a parent, friend, wife, daughter, and human being. Her intention is to build people up through “raw honesty” writing.

Some of her favorite things in life include traveling to new places, healthy living, singing show tunes in the shower, dancing in heels, laughing until her stomach hurts and the occasional glass of fine whiskey. Haley credits her wonderfully supportive husband Adrian, and is excited about this new adventure in the writing world.


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