About Francesca


I come humbly to my path of peace, as a servant of Love. In order for me to follow this uncommon journey back to my heart, I was humbled to the ground, on my knees, begging for Mother Mary to show me the way, and I am not even Catholic. My tolerance to suffering had become so precarious and completely automatic; even I, did not recognize myself as she who was allowing her ego to mask the truth of Love.

I now know differently because I have experienced the power of the heart. The ALL and encompassing Creator first awoke me from my slumber through my teacher, Cinnamon H. Lofton. I often do not recognize myself anymore. This is because I was an actress on the Universe’s stage of life. My role? Kathleen Reynolds Chelquist. Born in Hollywood, Ca. in 1970. Moved to Arroyo Grande, Ca. “to be raised in a more rural area” by my delightfully eccentric Irish father and American mother. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene from University of California, San Francisco in 1993 with honors; and now, have been a Registered Dental Hygienist for 20 years.

I am a mother to a child with high functioning developmental challenges (my son has clearly experienced the power of Love), eye cancer THRIVER (four times), intuitive, motivational speaker, writer, inspirational blogger, oracle card reader, and “Contributor” on Mastin Kipp’s site, The Daily Love.

But, the credentials that mean the most, are the ones I battled out valiantly in therapist’s offices (in and out for ten years) and in the anonymous rooms of “Al Anon,” The Twelve Step program for families of alcoholics (for two and a half). I had learned so much about my ego in these private settings, and my life was improving dramatically. And then on one unexpected glorious day, my heart found me when I began to attend a very open and vulnerable kind of class, called: “Living Love.” It was facilitated by Cinnamon H. Lofton (author of “Here, Now”). I later learned that she had been surrendered to the truth of Love for over thirty-five years. After two years of opening myself genuinely in the classroom setting, I courageously asked for Cinnamon to be my personal teacher. This was one and a half years ago. Currently, I am digging deeper and deeper into my created addictions, the voice in “Sundays With Cinnamon” (on YouTube), and writing a book called, “The Power Of The Heart-The Five Pathways To Ultimate Surrender.”

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