About Christy

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Christy Espinel was born and raised in Miami in a Cuban family with many Musical Talents. She comes from a long line of singers and has been involved in vocal performance since the age of 5. She’s always kept a personal journal and shared a few of her writings but was recently inspired by Jenn Laurent to share some oh her writings here, on Live Through the Heart. She studied Music Theater at New World College and has always been involved in the arts in some form.

She has also taught children in school settings, working with the school program to create Music Theater plays and Christmas shows, along with K-8th grade Music History and Appreciation. She is a certified teacher with the Music Together Program and lives in her hometown of Miami with her husband.

Christy has always been passionate about opening her heart to help others, through volunteer work, listening to a friend in need or sharing a comforting word of advice. She hopes that her words reach those who need to feel comforted. To know that they are not alone and perhaps find some healing in knowing that we are all connected as human brothers and sisters.

You can find me on the web here: