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  • Jennifer Laurent

    Founder of Live Through the Heart

    Jennifer Laurent wears many hats as a single mother, life coach, and author. Everyday, she looks to live her life in a conscientious way, and she strives to help others live a conscious life too. In her first book, Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom…

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  • Christine Callahan-Oke

    Positive Thinker, Writer and Personal Empowerment Coach

    Hi! I’m Christine Callahan-Oke and I live in Ontario, Canada. I’m a positive thinker. Always have been. From an early age, when someone shared a difficult or frustrating situation, my natural response was something to the effect of, “Oh no!…

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  • Jessica McGregor Johnson

    International Author, Speaker & Coach

    Jessica is an international speaker, guide & mentor and author. She helps people who are at a crossroads discover themselves anew, identify their true passions, and live them, whether it be in their work or personal life.

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  • Susan Leahy

    Professional Speaker

    As a professional speaker with her own speaking business, Susan realized when she got pregnant with her first child over 4 years ago, that her jet-setting lifestyle of working with clients from coast to coast was about to be impacted.

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  • Lyna Jones


    LYNA JONES is a writer, motivational speaker, and spiritual mentor. She lives with her two daughters in Westchester, NY. Originally from Normandy, France, Lyna moved to the U.S in 2001 to begin a new life and pursue her dreams…

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  • Kat Cowley

    Author, Workshop Facilitator

    Author and Workshop Creator Kat Cowley is giving Personal Development a personal touch. She loves introducing people to a different side of themselves. Consider Kat your personal tour guide into new perspective territory.

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  • Francesca Braver


    I come humbly to my path of peace, as a servant of Love. In order for me to follow this uncommon journey back to my heart, I was humbled to the ground, on my knees, begging for Mother Mary to show me the way, and I am not even Catholic.

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  • Cheryl Westbrook

    Freelance Writer

    Cheryl Westbrook has been writing since she was a young child. Words have always been her sanctuary, catharsis, solace and her creative outlet of choice necessary to make sense of life and how to live it. A graduate of the University of Florida…

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  • Ian Lawton


    Ian is a spiritual teacher of inner wisdom, universal love, self awareness, oneness, peace, and abundance. He is an author and lectures internationally on contemporary spirituality, technology and personal growth.

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  • Dr. Urszula Klich


    Dr. Urszula Klich has nearly 20 years of clinical experience in the area of health psychology. She is committed to helping people bridge the gap between their current way of living and their potential. Through her work as a clinician..

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  • Jennifer Carter

    Aspiring Author

    Jennifer Carter is an aspiring author of creative writing and poetry. From a very young age she began writing stories, poems, and prose as a way to make sense of life around her and as a way to help challenge her creativity.

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  • Cassidy Gard


    Hi, my name is Cassidy Rainforest Gard. My hometown is Gainesville, Florida. It’s especially close to my heart because Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are also from the same small town. I always wanted to be somewhere that fueled the arts…

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