Operation Breakthrough – By Kris Wolfe

Stuck in a rut?  Feeling frustrated you’re not moving up in your job at work?  Dieting, but not seeing results fast enough?  Whether it’s finances, physique, or relationships, we’re all looking for the all-mysterious breakthrough.  Over and over, when I hear people talk about breakthrough, it’s described as this magical occurrence that transports us to the next level in our lives.  And who doesn’t want to reach next level?  In reality, breakthrough is more practical than magical.  Breakthrough has a definition aside from success and self-improvement.  In fact, Merriam-Webster defines it as “an offensive thrust that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line in warfare.”  You catch that?  WARFARE!

If you want breakthrough in your life, be prepared to be bold.  Be ready to fight for your dreams.  While the law of attraction is important, the treasure is waiting for those who go after it first.  Colin Powel said, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”  The problem is, we suffer from a lack of confidence in ourselves.  Instead of being proud when we look in the mirror every morning, we feel shame.  Have you wanted something so bad, but just didn’t feel you deserved it?  Today, I’m going to talk about a breakthrough that happened when all hope was gone.

Let’s go back to 1863.  Joshua Chamberlain was a Brigadier General fighting for the North in the Civil War.  After attending seminary, Joshua took his wife and became a professor at a college.  When the war broke out, Joshua passionately believed everyone needed to support our country.  So much so, he was granted a leave of absence and immediately enlisted in the Union army.

On July 2, 1863, Joshua and his men were posted on Little Round Top in the middle of the Battle of Gettysburg.  The Union forces were beginning to lose ground, and the Confederate army knew their victory was near.  In order to avoid defeat, Joshua understood his troop had to maintain their position. Then, the unthinkable happened.  They ran out of ammunition.   “At that crisis, I ordered the bayonet. The word was enough.”  They literally charged down the hill with only their bayonets, and that bold act single-handedly changed the outcome of the battle.  Joshua and his men didn’t lose their position, and the next day, the Union army gained back its lost ground.  His actions changed the outcome of Gettysburg, which in effect changed the outcome of the Civil War, which brought our nation back together as on.  Talk about breakthrough.  One single act of courage made a positive impact for generations.

How easy would it have been for Joshua to give up in that critical moment?  Things clearly weren’t going his way.  With no ammunition, there was no hope.  His men had already suffered massive losses.  What was going through Joshua’s head?  He could’ve been thinking, “How am I supposed to do this?  I’m only a teacher!”  Regardless of his doubts, his passion overrode everything else.

What can we learn from Joshua?  When the bullets were gone, Chamberlain and his men ran with their bayonets.  History happens when conditions are less than perfect.  Joshua surrendered all logic and reason.  Don’t let logic prevent your breakthrough from happening.  You might not believe you’re equipped enough, but believe in yourself, use what you have, and be bold.