On the Move Again

On the move again

The past few years of my life can be defined in one word, transition. My marriage of over ten years ended, I began a new business, started a new life, and have moved quite a few times. Here I am now, gearing up to move again, feeling excited, as well as a bit overwhelmed. For a variety of reasons, I have decided to change the spaces in which I have lived and move to where the universe seems to be leading me. This process has required me to be willing to allow, have faith, and to trust. The lessons throughout this process have been undeniable, as I have been challenged to understand many things about myself, and my journey.

Moving in and of itself can be a difficult and emotional process. There is something very unsettling about putting your life in boxes and driving it away. After my marriage ended and I decided to move my son and I out of our family home, I felt as though I was somehow leaving a piece of me behind. I remember going through each and every room of the house and sitting, memories flooding me of special moments that had been lived by our family. I wanted to somehow box each and every one of those moments into my heart where I could somehow hold onto them and remember them forever. It was like snapshots of my life flashing through my being, bringing tears to my eyes and sadness to my heart. It was a difficult transition to make and required me to bring forth courage and faith: an emotional process that brings me to tears as I write this now.

Even though I have had less of an emotional attachment to the homes I have moved from since then, I have still been challenged to learn and to grow. With each move I have decided to downsize into a smaller space. I am not sure we ever realize just how attached we get to our stuff until we are forced to have to part with it. There are so many things that I felt were so important to me, things that I simply could not live without. Suddenly I was faced with the lesson of non-attachment on a different level, and taking an honest look at what is truly important in my life. There was much I was able to let go of and a sense of lightness and freedom became my reward. It was as if the less stuff I had, the more empowered I became.

As I prepare now to move and downsize, I realize that I again am being given the gift of a lesson in letting go and non-attachment. They say that the universe continues to give you exactly what you need until the lesson is learned and I understand clearly that there remains work for me to be done here. There continue to be areas in which I am holding on, afraid to let go and afraid to allow. With each and every gift from the universe I am given the opportunity to grow in wisdom and step further into freedom.  I welcome the challenges that come along with moving and know that I am heading exactly where I need to be. I am ready to let go and release, stepping further into lightness and freedom.