No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

A while ago, I had a situation where I felt I was going backwards with my business. I had convinced myself that the flow I had been in was going to come to an end. I knew there was no basis for this thought, but it plagued me for a few days.

I searched around for something that could help me turn off these thoughts and bring me back to a place of harmony within me, as I know that, only once I am in harmony with whatever is going on around me, am I in alignment with my desires. As I cast around for new tools, new ideas, I felt awful and all at sea. I simply could not get myself grounded again.

Then, I stopped. Instead of looking for something new, I sat down and asked myself – what had created the flow in the first place? I had been using a visualization for a long time and had purely focused on enjoying whatever I was doing, be it work or play. That worked brilliantly for a quite some time. Then the repetition started to feel stale. I wasn’t as committed to my visualization, and old negative beliefs began to get a hook in. It had been at this point that I began to question what I was doing. I had started to look for something else to create the same results. As soon as I did that, everything ground to a halt.

I find it fascinating how my mind made the conclusion that what I had been doing was wrong, and therefore, I had to find something new. As soon as I recognized this, I decided to go back to basics. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, I’d go back to the original design and update that. Sure, the old wooden wheel was a bit stale now, but that did not mean that, as a concept, the wheel wouldn’t work.

I re-read the books that had enthused me in the first place. I wrote out a new visualization that built on the last one, but I updated it with what I had learned in my earlier process. I revitalized how I approached what I did, and it had an immediate effect. I felt instantly better and things started to shift again.

This was a huge realization, that I do not have to constantly find new ways of doing things, but I do need to update and refresh the tools that work in my life. With this realization, I have seen all the times that I had forgotten to go back to the original pattern of the wheel. It was a pattern like taking a supplement because you believe it will help your health but gradually forgetting it or stopping it, for no apparent reason. It is almost like the repetition stops us believing in the efficacy that we believed in the first place.

I invite you to scan through your life and see where this is relevant to you. What tools have you used to improve your life that have worked but now have fallen by the wayside? What methods that worked really well in the beginning have lost their power? Take a look at them and see if you can update them, recommit to them with fresh energy, and turn them back into the useful tools they once were.

It is so much easier to use what we know, the things we have the power of, rather than cast around for yet more ideas. The wheel is an amazing invention; an old wooden one wouldn’t work on a BMW but a new shiny alloy metal one works just fine. Where do you need an upgrade?