No Bullies Allowed – By Mark Holder

What’s up with the bullies out there? I’m not talking about the bullies out there who used to physically push us and our kids around the world like we were pawns on their fear ridden chess board. Those people are easy to deal with in my book – they are just scared, insecure people. I get it. All too well I can understand those traits. It’s the emotional and spiritual bullies that I am miffed by:  the ones who refuse to practice what they preach, the ones who claim to be your supporter and then stab you in the lower back with a luke-warm butter knife at any random moment.

I deal with these types of people all day in the world’s greatest field of employment – the entertainment business. One minute your best man at your wedding, godfather of your children, partner in solution, fellow spiritual warrior, your co-trekker of all things good on Earth, friend; next minute dust, vapor, wielder of the fatal sword, owner of the torch blazing your world that you so easily opened up and joyously let people in to.

Life in the big city – I love it and I fear it all in the same breath on a daily basis.

Enter Family. I capitalize it as it is that significant to me, to my sanity, my soul, my honesty, my love, my integrity, my belief system, my hope in all things beautiful in the world, my faith, my everything. A higher power I call God made it so. And so it is.

Here is my truth – on any given day where I head home from the city to my suburban heaven, I am stressed and disheartened about the way folks didn’t hold up their end of the deal; didn’t do half of what they promised; lied to my face, questioned my integrity and that of those around me; flat out let me down. That is just the way it is going to go some days. How am I going to handle it? How am I going to react to the injustices of the world? What will I teach my children about hope, trust in people and the world around them? Who will I choose to be when I get home to the most beautiful family Rockwell couldn’t have even dreamed up himself? That’s where the message is! That’s where the good stuff lives. Deep in the middle of all those questions lies my soul, my way, my inner being driven not by fear, resentment and disdain, but by love, forgiveness and hope. Harmony not discord. Peace, not chaos. I like it there. I can do that. I can get home and look my kids in the eye and say “Daddy had a good day.” Why? Because I’m alive and I’m breathing and I’m open and learning – learning from my mistakes as much as from others around me. That’s a good day in my book. Not what happened, but what happened after what happened is key.

I can teach my kids about forgiveness. I can teach them the way of the spirit. Love em, don’t hate em. We are all humans making mistakes daily. Doesn’t meant hang out with those types of people that are regretfully shooting poison arrows into the world, that’s not the way. But remain open, caring and as loving as possible and jewels will hang inside your soul forever.

Angels are all over this planet – the more impactful ones are sometimes the ones who show us what not to do, how not to act.

Challenges, bring em on. A-holes, bring em on. Love, pain. I’m in it to win it. Winning to me simply means reacting to non spiritual events spiritually. Breathe, pause, pray, play music, do yoga, write, sing, laugh, cry, punch a pillow, let it go – all good.

When I get home on those challenging days, I hug my little buddies so tight I can hear them squeak. Heaven on Earth. Right in my own home. I don’t want to miss a second of it. I have been entrusted as a father by my children. I have been entrusted as a teacher by my little students. I am their spiritual guide. My own house has to be in order as I cannot transmit what I haven’t got.

Lots to do……