My Vows – By Susan Leahy

October 8th, 2005 Jared and I were married. This blog is meant to share with you the vows we made 8 years ago.  If you are married, it is my hope that me sharing my vows will remind you of yours and will inspire you to share them with your love.

Jared and I each wrote our own vows and said them on a warm, sunny day in Palm Springs.  We say our vows to each other every year (and many times through out the year) to center us back to our core. That core is everything.  It is the only thing that is the same after 8 years.  Life, like life does, has changed over the past 8 years. I have grown and Jared has grown. We have changed houses, cities, cars, hair color and careers. We have had 2 children and are still in search of work, life balance.  But one thing hasn’t changed. Our core. These vows represent that core. A core that is as real and true today as it was 8 years ago.

I love reading my vows and I love hearing him read them.  They recharge, remind and reinvigorate the most important relationship in my world.

I hope that you enjoy reading our vows but mostly if you are married I hope this blog inspires you to sit down with your mate and read your vows.  Also, if you feel so moved I would love to read your vows.  Sharing is a powerful expression of love!!


Susan’s Vows


Jared I take you as my husband my lover and my best friend.  I promise to be a fun playmate in good times and in bad. I dedicate my life to yours and I hold our union sacred. You are my rock and I rest my feet upon you. I promise to turn toward you as my only partner. I am committed to our life being our own, creating it as we see fit.  I am blessed. I have everything with you and promise to cherish us always.


Jared’s Vows


Susan, I take you as my wife, my lover and best friend. I promise to love you always and to honor and respect you. I am committed to living the life we choose, and to creating our own reality. I will always listen to your counsel and I promise to turn towards you and not at you in both good times and bad. You bring fun and energy into my life and I feel blessed to be your partner.  I have everything with you and I promise to cherish us always.


Thank you for reading!