My Heart

Friends are those beautiful beings that support us, make us laugh, hold us when we cry, and defend our honor. They are honest even when it might hurt, listen to our stories as many times as they need to be told, and sit by our side through all the important moments. They celebrate with us when we rise and help carry us when we fall. There is unspoken trust coupled with uncountable spoken words that only they can understand. Friendships, true friendships, are a gift in our lives to be valued and nurtured.

I sit down to write this as I am leaving a visit with an amazing woman who has been my best friend for close to 10 years. After so many years of living close to one another, we now have many miles between us. We are no longer able to do the little every day things like pop by each other’s homes, walk our children to school together, bring over things needed from the store. You get the idea. After years of always being able to see one another whenever we wanted, we now must look forward to vacations and video chat to see each other smile.

Having gone through some pretty big transitions in my life lately I have to say that this is definitely one of the most difficult to get through. I never realized just how much my day was filled with all those little things that she and I shared in our daily lives. There is nothing like a hug or some silly display from your best friend to make everything all better. I always appreciated and loved her and knew how blessed I was to have her friendship, but never really thought about what it would be like without her in my daily life. I miss her deeply and am so grateful to have had so many years of the little things to carry in my heart.

The most amazing thing about true friendship is that nothing can get in its way. Although we have distance between us, our friendship is still a source of love and support for us both. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and what I understand is that her absence has made me truly appreciate the person she is and the friendship that she offers me. It has made me look forward to the moments we do have together and has reminded me how important being fully present in those moments truly is. Most of all I realize just how blessed I am to have a friendship that I hold so deeply in my heart and for that, I sit in gratitude. I write this in a space of love for a beautiful human being who taught me many years ago exactly what it means to open my heart to friendship.