Monday Manifesto

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Mondays have received a bad rap. The movie Office Space’s famous “Somebody’s got a case of of the Mondays” quip embodies all of what our culture thinks about this dreaded day of the week.

The weekend is over. It’s back to work or school for most. It’s Monday . . . groan. We complain and lament this detestable day as the beginning of an even more detestable week. It’s what we have to get through until that glorious Friday comes along.

Why are we treading water, holding our breath and wishing the week to already be over before it’s barely even begun?

I am challenging myself to recreate my view of Monday. Instead of seeing each Monday as a scourge to my existence, I’ve made Monday my favorite day. It’s the day I get to set my intentions for the week ahead. Monday represents a new beginning. I can forget about last week, yesterday, all of the mistakes, all of the worries and upsets, and erase them from this fresh start. They belong in the past, and I’m present-minded and future-focused.

The truth of the matter is the “monday blues” represent a bigger problem. It’s a telltale sign of a miserable way of life. It leads to anti-living. Each day we are here on this Earth is a day to work toward, and achieve, our dreams. Monday, and every day, offers us the gift of opportunity. This life– this complicated, messy, unfinished, beautiful life– holds blessings that will be missed if we spend our time moping around and begrudging our gift of existence.

In order to stay aligned with this, I have created a Monday Manifesto for myself. A personal manifesto is a great way to bring clarity to your life. Setting your intentions for your week, your family, yourself can help you achieve more and stay focused on what matters to you most. It’s a transformative, distilling process.

My Monday Manifesto
1. Smile more; complain less
2. Seek out solutions instead of problems
3. Be patient
4. Keep the faith; pray instead of worry
5. Just do it; no procrastinating
6. Make health a priority (sleep, exercise, eat well)
7. Choose my battles
8. Be kind
9. Be authentic and act with integrity
10. Enjoy the process; live in the moment

Other manifestos to inspire you:

Holstee Manifesto

This well known manifesto covers all the bases. Full of inspiration, it resonates with all of the attributes of a meaningful life.


Frank Lloyd Wright’s 10-point Manifesto for His Apprentices

Although Wright’s manifesto is targeted for a specific group, looking beyond its intended audience, it can offer anyone some great points to strive for.

  • An honest ego in a healthy body
  • An eye to see nature
  • A heart to feel nature
  • Courage to follow nature
  • The sense of proportion (humor)
  • Appreciation of work as idea and idea as work
  • Fertility of imagination
  • Capacity for faith and rebellion
  • Disregard for commonplace (inorganic) elegance
  • Instinctive cooperation

The lululemon Manifesto

The manifesto for this athletic wear company gives employees an inspirational play-book for a life worth living. It hits home for more than those employed, however.

Lululemon Manifesto